Within many organisations, SharePoint is the key business platform for collaboration, document management and intranet functionality.

The technical implementation of SharePoint is a varied and complex beast, with many moving parts, and needs to be configured, maintained, and managed accordingly.

kachihro has developed a service offering known as SPFarmHand - as a SharePoint health analysis and platform inventory, covering the deeper functionality of SharePoint, with the goal of assisting customers to ease any troubles with SharePoint, and to gain further ROI from the platform investment.

The SPFarmHand product offering includes the following :

  • Identification of servers and services, and configurations within SharePoint
  • Assessment of databases being used by SharePoint
  • Validation of security accounts, covering several different aspects
  • Checks of infrastructure involved in the platform is optimized to operate SharePoint
  • Examination of custom applications and program code

This audit is completed in conjunction with technical resources within your organisation, aligning the goals, plans, and needs of the business - for today, and tomorrow.


The first steps are to perform an audit & inventory of the SharePoint platform, with a key focus on 'health check', performance, updates and best practices across the various services and services in the platform


With ten years of experience with SharePoint, we have the knowledge and expertise to identify and recommend any updates needed, plan for migration, etc, as well as any new solutions, or development work

Cloud readiness

With Office365, and the new SharePoint 2016 hybrid model, we can assess the existing SharePoint platform to determine what is needed to migrate the platform to the cloud, including Azure and Active Directory Sync

Action Plans

Following on from consulting and discussion related to the findings within the environment, we can define the tasks & actions required to reach the desired outcome, including patching, development, migration and so forth.