Enterprise mobility

Sitrion ONE is an award-winning employee app to reach and engage all your employees.

Employees receive actionable tasks, notifications and communications from multiple sources into one intelligent productivity stream.

Additionally your employees are able to initiate processes, look up documents or share important messages quickly.

Sitrion ONE consists of a native Client App (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), a cloud hosted Admin Portal, and on-premises Hub software to interact with backend systems.

Cards are initiated by a LOB or SaaS solution, and a notification is sent to devices, as a "push". Eg. New item added to Office 365 list. Users can then respond to a task, such as Approve or Decline, or a Card may simply be informational.

Micro-Apps are initiated by the device user, and can allow for a search of LOB or SaaS solution, and provide for the submission of a new process item. Eg. Create a new expense claim, along with the photo from the device, to be submitted to SAP

Sitrion > kachihro

We have been worked with a variety of system integrations based on SharePoint for many years. The ability to include a Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach for enterprise mobility allows for faster time-to-market and employee engagement.

Chris O'Connor from kachihro recently presented a session at the Office 365 Saturday in Melbourne, discussing Sitrion and the mobile revolution (as well as K2 for offline forms),

We have also defined training material for the Sitrion ONE AppBuilder utility, to assist other partners, and sale channels, as well as creating new applications & solutions within the Sitrion ONE ecosystem.

To allow for additional connectivity to a variety of 3rd-party SaaS offerings, we have defined Apps + Zaps within Zapier.

Contact us today for a customised demo - and see how easy it is to get mobile, with your existing LOB on-premises systems.

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