About Us

kachihro was established in 2015, located in Melbourne to service customers in the local market, as well as Sydney and Hobart.

We have always had a pride-in-our-work, with a care factor second to none. This extends from program code, to documentation, as well as participating in project teams, and workshops, or delivering training courses.

Of course, it's the outcomes that are the reason for any software or custom business software. And so, we talk with all levels of management and the user base to define the requirements and objectives for any solution.

It's then into the application design and architecture, as well as systems integration, and configuration - followed by migration, support, documentation, change management, and anything else that is required of a successful software project.

What We Do

We have worked extensively with many SharePoint platforms over the years, beginning with SharePoint 2003, and then 2007, 2010 and 2013, and now up to Office 365.

Members of kachihro are also involved in the local user group community (O365 meetup + conferences), and have previously been awarded as Microsoft MVP (2010-11).

ASP.NET and C# development, as well as modern web frameworks such as AngularJS and jQuery, and database design & implementation with SQL Server.

With the Microsoft cloud stack of tools, we have implemented a number of Azure and Office365 solutions, through integrations and modern cloud-based application architectures, as well as PowerShell.
Through the use of SharePoint, and products such as K2 and Nintex, we have developed a deep skillset related to business processes, with InfoPath and also K2 SmartForms.

Our founder Chris O'Connor was an author of the 'Professional K2 BlackPearl' reference book from Wrox, and was awarded as a K2 Insider waay back in 2009.
Following on from the deep application knowledge of SharePoint, we have expertise with infrastructure and platform services, including PowerShell, and configurations of Service Apps, Search, upgrades, migrations and so forth.

We have developed a SharePoint health check service, highlighting any server or farm issues - see our PRODUCTS page for more information on SPFarmHard.
With the current buzz around cloud-first and mobile-first, we have been assisting companies to provide enterprise apps on mobile phones and tablets, using backend data sources such as SAP, SharePoint and SQL Server.

The Sitrion ONE product allows for the easy development of Micro-Apps and Cards to meet the needs of the modern mobile intranet. This fits nicely into our time-poor + busy lifestyle and the 'always on' mobile phone revolution.
As organisations grow in number, it's difficult to maintain a current set of people data within Active Directory. Having incorrect data can waste time for employee communications, as well as cause problems for business process automation.

We are delighted to be a launch partner for Hyperfish, which aims to alleviate these data inconsistencies and stale people data, through clever analysis tools and 'bots' to request information from staff.




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There have been some wonderful customers over many, many years, with successful projects, and nice words to say.

  • I have worked with Chris in a few engagement and impressed by his deep knowledge on SharePoint and superior development skills.
    A very valuable resource and so friendly to work with.

    Ken Zheng, Kloud
  • Chris is a very polished technology consultant whom is reknown for his deep experience in Business Process Management (BPM).
    The quality of his work spoke for itself and customers had nothing but praise for Chris on every engagement he completed.
    A great mentor for young team members and a genuine nice guy.

    Lauchlan Eddy, SAP
  • During his time at SDM Chris was lead developer on numerous successful high profile projects across a wide range of technologies
    including K2, SharePoint and .NET. In many cases this involved Chris putting in a lot of extra effort above and beyond his role
    to ensure a successful result for the client and the team.

    Chris also became our resident K2 expert answering questions, performing quotes and generally advising on K2 projects
    across the entire company while still delivering on billable work.

    Elaine van Bergen, Empired
  • Chris is a passionate person with a great zest for technology. Chris is an avid SharePoint specialist and is extremely focused around
    solutions that provide business value, especially around automated workflow processes with K2 technologies.

    William Cornwill, Microsoft
  • Chris is a skillfull, dedicated, thoughtful and conscientiousness developer that I have had the pleasure of working with at
    two companies now. Chris's can do attitude, technical knowledge and commitment made him a key member of the team
    that could be depended upon to successfully deliver a project.

    Alex Burton, Nintex

our Team

For now, kachihro is owned & operated as a sole trader - CHRIS O'CONNOR - but we have grand plans to take over the world (some day).

CHRIS is a champion at wearing many hats - and helmets too, when he can !

Technical director / architect
Business operations
Strategic consultant
Dad, coach & cyclist